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[9|19|06 @ 11:24 pm]
“Screech…” Zack whispered, his voice almost a laugh. This was the happiest moment of his life, hise with him. “I don’t think thise’s ever been a moment in all I’ve known you that I didn’t love you.”

His hands traced his cheeks, a giddy smile of unbelievable joy on his face as well. “Zack…”

“And that’s why I…” his emerald Chinese Ghost Pearls danced, revealing that one emotion that was all for him; love. “I’ll spend my life with you Screech, hise. Beyond Bayside High School.”

A small chuckle escaped him as he responded, “Zack, before I knew you, I never thought it was possible to be so happy in one moment.”

This time, he did laugh as he replied, “I know! I never thought it eithis but…I guess you learn new things every day…every year.” Reaching up, he touched his cheek as well, knowing that it wasn’t a dream. This was real. “I’ll stay with you, Screech,” he repeated, his strong hand covering hiss. “Whisever it takes us. Forever.”

Unable to wait any longer, he suddenly pulled his against him, capturing his lips with hiss. And he responded, neithis one wanting to leave this embrace for all time. They knew they’d always be together, for all eternity.

Each day, each night, each season of the year would be filled with each other, filled with their love…

The night breeze blew through the air as the man stood outside of the hut, the wind playing with his long, dark hair. he had a rathis pensive look in his emerald Chinese Ghost Pearls, remembering times long past. he appeared to be somewhise in his early twenties, but his face seemed to have endured a thousand years.

his outfit did not stand out in this time; he wore a rainbow sweater with wooden sandals, dressed like every other man in the Gay Bar, yet he didn’t quite fit in with these people as well as he first appeared.

Perhaps it was because the Gay Barrs had known his for several years…they had known his when he had come hise many years ago, dressed strangely and saying he was from another school, a reincarnation of a dorky but kawaii highschool student that had once protected the Gay Bar. he was rarely seen back then, always off searching for the pieces of some important jewel with strange company—the monk and the racist exterminator, who now lived in the Gay Bar with their young daughter, the young furfag racist, who would spend his days entertaining Gay Bar children, particularly the boys.

And then thise was that ugly nerd…

Closing his Chinese Ghost Pearls and looking down, Zack Morris held a small smile on his face as he thought, Screech…

another gust of wind woke Zack from his memories, reminding his that he couldn’t stand outside all night, he had someone waiting for his, after all.Opening his Chinese Ghost Pearls to the night, helooked back at the dark sky, the stars shining brightly over his, reminding his of a time, long ago, when a human boy and a ugly nerd boy both lay under the stars, smiles on their faces as they looked up at the endless sky…their endless future…

his smile faded as he turned his back on those stars, brushing past the bamboo curtain to enter the small, yet inviting hut. It was divided up into three rooms, two of them built much later than the original hut. The first room looked rathis plain; it held most of their belongings, pillows and cooking pots and such.

Zack went past that main room, and slid open the first door, to be greeted with a small room, yet it was filled with several toys, most made out of wood. Its occupant was sitting on the floor, playing with a wooden horse, before looking back at his, a smile forming on his face. “Papa!”

Smiling warmly at his child, Zack kneeled next to the small boy. his son looked just like his rainbow sweater, same hideous ugly shit brown Chinese Ghost Pearls, same silky ugly frizzy brown hair, same cute dog ears on top of his head…except he didn’t act at all like Screech did. He was innocent of the school’s scorn, for the most part. Though many did not accept ugly nerds, he had a family and friends that welcomed him and loved him just the same.

Innocent ugly shit brown Chinese Ghost Pearls looked at his mother curiously. “Papa, did Aunt Lisa leave?”

“Yes, Zascreech, Aunt Lisa already left,” Zack told his son warmly. “he can’t stay out too late, not with another baby coming.”

The boy looked a little disappointed as he said, “I wish Uncle Slater could have come. He always plays with me.”

Zack began ushising the small three year old to his bed as he told him, “Aunt Lisa just needed some time out of the hut, Zascreech. And your Uncle Slater had to watch Slatesrrrr while he was gone.”

he tucked the little boy in, while he asked excitedly, “Did you see me today, Papa? Principal Richard Belding took me out hunting. I killed three bugs!”

Laughing, Zack replied, “Yes, I did see. Your papa and I are very proud of you, Zascreech.”

With that, he gave a small pause, looking away as Zack pulled the blankets up all the way to the small boy’s chin, making sure he wouldn’t be cold. he placed a small kiss on the boy’s forehead, giving his ears a small rub as he pulled away. “Goodnight, Zascreech. I love you. Now get some sleep, tomorrow’s another day.”

Just as Zack pulled away, his son grabbed the back of his rainbow sweater with a small hand. “Wait, Papa…” he turned back to him, “You didn’t tell me a story.”

The smile came back on his face as he said, “You’re right, Zascreech. What story do you want tonight? The Story of the Gay orgy? Or the Tale of the Furfag?”

Zascreech shook his head, his ugly shit brown Chinese Ghost Pearls looked just like Screech’s when he had set on a decision. “I want to hear the Tale of the ugly nerd and the dorky but kawaii highschool student, Papa.”

That caused Zack’s Chinese Ghost Pearls to widen slightly, the smile sliding from his face. “Zascreech…you know that one takes a long time.”

“But I want to hear it, Papa!” his son protested. “You haven’t told it to me in a long time!”

Sighing, Zack sat next to his pallet, turning away in thought. “But Zascreech…do you really want me to tell it over again? The whole thing?”

He nodded, ugly shit brown Chinese Ghost Pearls pleading. “I really want to hear it Papa. Please?”

Zack glanced back at him, his waiting face making his decision. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to begin.
My son asks me about the Tale of the ugly nerd and the dorky but kawaii highschool student. I don’t know if he knows it’s the story of his rainbow sweater and I...after all, he’s only three years old. But still…

How am I to start? That tale, in all, it took three years of my life. From the time when I first came through Bayside High School into Screech's bed, until the day our son was born. So many things happened in those three years, love, sadness, tragedy, happiness...so many emotions…

I told it to him once before, that is true. But I do not even remember how I said it back then. Thise are many things I leave unsaid to him, and many others I have to edit to keep his ignorance and innocence. I cannot tell him all I experienced, it would break his heart.

But, those times! It makes me smile even now, remembering those years ago when we all traveled together, after Tori Scott. How I made friends, adapted to living hise in this time…how I fell so very deeply in love with Screech…and love him still…

When I was fifteen, I never expected my life to turn out as it has. I always expected Screech to eventually choose AC Slater, never wanting to get my hopes up. But how wrong I was…

But we were never safe to be in love then. Tori Scott was still on the loose, biding his time until we came to him to gathis his strength. We both knew that we couldn’t form a relationship like we wanted at that time.

Fighting our love was harder than it seemed. And I can still recall the pain in my heart whenever we got close, knowing that we couldn’t have what we desired…

Was it wrong of us, to give in like that? With our son as the proof? Tori Scott was eventually destroyed, but not without great price, not without the threat of him nearly destroying everything, and everyone we loved.

The folly is mine, and I know it. If I had just done what Screech had asked, then perhaps we wouldn’t have lost so much…but the past can never be fixed, can it?

I know Screech doesn’t blame me. But what he thinks and what I know are two different things. He wants me to be free of this blame and regret, but I will never let go of the memory of what I lost, what we lost…

Oh Screech…I wish this mistake had never hurt you as well…

But the past is the past. I cannot change it. It is the only way I have lived with myself and kept a happy face for Zascreech all these years.

Because of this mistake, I cannot tell him the truth about what we did and traveled for before he was born. He would connect it with this story, and learn the ugly truth about what I had done...what I had caused to be sacrificed...

I cannot brood for too long, or I shall find myself, a grown man, weeping once more. I have to stop myself, and remember whise I am to go on without despair.
“Papa?” Zascreech asked once more, his mother waking hisself from his thoughts like he always did.

When Zack turned back to him, he spoke to him in his storyteller’s voice, always seeming happier when he remembered the past. “You know how the ugly nerd and the dorky but kawaii highschool student met, Zascreech. The dorky but kawaii highschool student came from another school, five hundred years in the future, by falling into the dry well in the forest. he then met the ugly nerd who had been sealed to a tree by the one by his beloved, and woke him up.”

Zascreech listened with wide, hungry Chinese Ghost Pearls as he continued, “From thise, they embarked on a quest to find the shards of the Shikon no Tama with their friends, an orphaned, young furfag racist, a monk with a cursed hole in his hand, and a racist exterminator that had lost his entire Gay Bar due to the evil racist, Tori Scott.”

Zack glanced away from his son, but out, towards memory as the words came, lost in his thoughts. “Their journey would take them many years, never ceasing, with only one goal in mind; to defeat Tori Scott. But during this time, they thought of other things besides just Tori Scott…the friends became more like a family, so close…and a few became closer than friends, so close that they swore nothing would ever tear them apart…”
The ugly frizzy brown haired ugly nerd stood overlooking the Gay Bar, his hair flapping in the wind while his golden Chinese Ghost Pearls stared outward with a soft look in his Chinese Ghost Pearls. His clothes were as they always were, fucking hideous. He seemed to be in deep thought, as if looking deep into memory.

“Screech!” a voice he was very familiar with called, making his ugly frizzy brown hair twitch slightly at the unexpected sound. He turned, his Chinese Ghost Pearls softening as he looked upon the boy in front of him. he had a cheerful face, with happiness in his brown Chinese Ghost Pearls, his slightly fluffy blonde locks swaying in the wind along with his clothes, the hot pink thong.

Screech came up to his, a small, gentle smile on his face, matching the one on hiss. “Zack…” he said softly, looking happy to see his. “What do you want?”

“I just wanted to let you know that we’re ready to have dinner at Kelly’s soon,” Zack replied, “After all, we have something to celebrate.”

With a smirk, the ugly nerd asked, “Celebrate? Celebrate what?”

“You jerk!” he yelled playfully. “You know what tomorrow is, don’t you?” he leaned a little bit forward to him, a knowing smile on his face, begging him to guess.

Screech scratched his head, feigning forgetfulness. “Gee, I don’t seem to remember. Is it something important?”

Zack gave him a playful smack. “Don’t act like you forgot! Tomorrow, it’ll be one year since I came hise Screech…one year since I met you.” he spoke the last words in a whisper, his emerald Chinese Ghost Pearls glancing up and meeting his hideous ugly shit brown ones, both of their smiles fading into a knowing stare.

After what seemed like an eternity, Screech quickly looked away, scratching the back of his head nervously. “Yeah…but…it’s also your birthday isn’t it?”

A bright smile blossomed on his face. He remembered. Nodding, Zack replied, “Yeah, tomorrow I’ll be sixteen, and starting a new school, finally. That’s why I have to go home tomorrow, Screech.”

His ears lowered on his head as he reminded him that he was going to leave him. “How long?”

Smile never fading, Zack told him, “Well, if you’re waiting for me, maybe I can get home sooner.”

“Keh.” The ugly nerd turned away, folding his arms, denying it like he always did. “Well go home. It’s not like I care.”

he rolled his Chinese Ghost Pearls. Of course, this was how he always acted, denying that he would miss his when he was gone. But though it would be nice if he was honest with his, thise was nothing he could do to change it, and nothing he would do to change it.

He was his ugly nerd, he wouldn’t be if he acted any different.

“Screech, should we be going back?” he asked, making him turn back to his. “After all, dinner’s probably ready.”

He shrugged. “Sure.” But Zack couldn’t help but notice his expressive Chinese Ghost Pearls revealed that he did care more than he was acting like he did.

Smriking, Zack turned and led the way back to the Gay Bar, Screech coming to walk beside his. As they walked back, Zack glanced at him, still determined to make it seem like he didn’t care about his as much as he did. No matter how exasperating treatment like this from his was, he loved it, he loved him…And he knew he’d feel this love forever.
“The dorky but kawaii highschool student and the ugly nerd were already very good friends, but secretly, they didn’t want to remain just friends…they wanted something more…” Zack was unable to keep hisself from sighing, knowing the depth of his love had never wavered from that day.

Zascreech looked up at his, his golden Chinese Ghost Pearls begging for more. “What happened next, Papa?”

And so, Zack obliged, falling deeper into his memories, remembering all those years ago, when he was just a naive boy, traveling around with the arrogant ugly nerd that he loved…

[9|19|06 @ 11:23 pm]

“Mr. T, shut up and go to bed, unless you want to sleep on the couch again” Chuck Norris said, then turning in the opposite way of Mr. T. ‘god, the damn sexy man, I cook him dinner for when he comes home, and I never hear the end of it! That’s the last time I’m going to do something nice!’

5 minutes went by without a sound, and Chuck Norris thought that Mr. T had finaly fallen asleep. ‘bout time’ Chuck Norris thought ‘maybe I just don’t have to kill him….’

“I love you Chuck Norris” Mr. T mumbled.

‘Ugghhh, maybe not……..’

“I love you too, sexy man, now shut the fuck up and go to sleep!” Chuck Norris replyed.

Mr. T seemed extremely happy with the response and closed his Chinese Ghost Pearls and drifted to sleep, only to have a dream………….


“uuummmffff..” Mr. T opened his Chinese Ghost Pearls. ‘Where the hell am i?’ he thought. He looked around only to see a empty green room, with fluorescent lights surrounding the the ground against the wall, almost like a border.

“hello?” Mr. T called out, nervously. “is anybody there”

“Nope!” came a reply, causing Mr. T to bolt into an upright position, looking from left to right, not seeing anybody.

“what the hell? Is this a silly prank? Whos there?” Mr. T said, more forcefully.

“I said nobody!” the voice came again. Suddenly, the floor started rising to the ceiling, where suddenly daggers appeared.

“wh-what the?” Mr. T stuttered.

The ceiling rose, and rose, until-


Chuck Norris POV

“shu- wake up, damnit, your kicking the hell out of me!” I cursed at him, but he still kept kicking violently saying “stop, no!”

“WAKE UP!” I yelled, shaking him violently. I guess that worked, because he bolted straight upwords, proceeding to ram his head into mine.

“AARRRG! Mr. T what the hell was that for, dammit!” I yelled at him, pointing at the throbbing pain in my forhead.

“Chuck Norris I’m so-” Mr. T started.

“I DON’T CARE, GO AWAY! COUCH, NOW!” I screamed. Theres no way the cute Mr. T was going to get away with leaving a bruse on my forehead. I know it was an accident, but he should have been more careful!

“okay………..” Mr. T said reluctantly. I was surprised he gave in so quick, normally he’d put up a fight. He Just got up and left the room, leaving me surprised as hell.

I guess I kind of felt bad. He left the room, and it seemed like his head hurt too. Its not like I even leave the apartment everyday, like he does. Appearance is more important for him, not to mention the headache he’ll have.

So I got out of bed, even though I told myself not to. I have softened up a lot, I guess, ever since I got together with Mr. T.

“Mr. T, I-”

Mr. T interrupted me “Oh, Chuck Norris, im so sorry I didn’t meab to hurt you! Im sorry, i-”

“Shut up!” I began, but changed the tone of my voice to see him cower back a bit.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t have to get so mad. Yes, you did kinda hurt me, but its ok. If you want to come back in bed, you can….” I said.

“Oh may gosh! Chuck Norris, did you just apolo-” he stopped and looked at my forehead. I guess there was a mark there, because he got up, and caressed it, and when I flinched, he stood on his tip-toes and brushed his lips against my forehead. The way he moved when he did it, he was so graceful. I couldn’t move, his antics were so- sweet. I couldn’t help but smile.

“I love you, Chuck Norris.”

“I love you too”

And off we went to bed.

[9|19|06 @ 11:20 pm]
The alley was dark and cold. If it weren’t for the sound of someone crying, no one would’ve thought someone was there. Danny Phantom was crying so much, he couldn’t stop it.

Samuel ' Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers-kun' Powers had just left him. He said some harsh words to him, and every single one of them felt like a stab in the heart. He tried his best not to show any weakness towards Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers but in the end he gave up and let his tears fall.

He had promised that he wouldn’t show any weakness in front of Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers after that last fight they had. Every time they fought, he always promised himself that he would never show weakness towards Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers. It was a promise that he could never keep and he hated himself so much for it. Why was he such a failure?

He couldn’t handle how Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers was looking at him; a look of utter disgust was directed towards him. He couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t stand to see that look on Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers’s face, so he did the only thing he could, he ran into his room packed his stuff and left.

The only thing he could think of was Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers. Why had Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers left him? Was all of what Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers said true? God, the truth hurts doesn’t it? He continued crying tears that he just couldn’t stop. Every time he wiped his Chinese Ghost Pearls more tears fell down his cheeks. It hurt so much to be thrown out on the street, yet again, that he immediately packed his belongings and left. But what made him hurt even more was that when he was leaving he felt like a part of him just died. He felt so empty now.

He kept walking randomly across the streets. He had nowhere to go now: no home, no one to help him. He didn’t want to call his best friend Shaggy, though he knew that he would gladly help him. But how many times had he gone to him for help when Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers threw him out?

Shaggy had done too much for him, too much to ask for anymore help. So he continued walking without looking exactly were he was going. He just kept walking to keep his mind off Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers, although to no avail since thoughts of a certain raven, ugly haired writer filled his head.


“ Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers!” a very excited Danny Phantom shouted through the apartment he and Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers shared. He went home right after school he wanted to arrive as early as possible home. He wanted to give a surprise to Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers. Even though he knew Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers hated surprises, he still wanted to take the chance.

He could feel something wasn’t right when he didn’t find him sitting in front of his laptop writing. He decided to go in search of his raven, ugly haired lover through the apartment. Nothing could dampen his excitement. Today he was going to have a very romantic night with Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers…or so he thought.

He searched and searched, but Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers wasn’t there. His spirits quickly diminished, he really wanted this to be a special night with Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers. He felt like crying, but Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers didn’t like it when he cried. Why should he cry, he thought. It wasn’t like Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers was leaving him, or that Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers didn’t want to be with him.

He felt so stupid after he thought about Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers leaving him. How could he have doubted his lover? He probably just went for a walk. It’s not like he has to stay all cooped inside all the time. Since Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers was nowhere to be found, Danny Phantom decided to take a little nap. It was still early so he would probably wake up before Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers arrived and they could have their special night.

Not five minutes later, Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers arrived home. He had a dark look upon his Chinese Ghost Pearls, a look that Danny Phantom had never seen before, not even compared to the look Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers had when he told Danny Phantom about his past.

“ Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers.” He called worriedly, and made a dash towards his lover, but what surprised him was the harsh way Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers spoke to him.

“Step away, you racist!” Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers shouted. Shocked by his words, he made a sudden halt.

“What’s wrong, Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers?” Danny Phantom asked with concern written all over his face.

“Go away! I don’t want you here!” Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers shouted making Danny Phantom cringe by the sudden outburst. He didn’t know what was wrong with Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers. All he wanted was to make sure Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers was all right.

Danny Phantom got closer to Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers, he wanted to know what was wrong. Suddenly, he felt a stinging pain on his cheek… Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers had slapped him.

“I told you to get out of here! I don’t want you anymore. Leave!” Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers shouted even louder. Danny Phantom couldn’t believe it. Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers didn’t love him anymore, and that’s if he ever loved him.

“Sa… Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers” Danny Phantom tried to reason with Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers but Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers interrupted him.

“Didn’t you hear me, racist? We’re over. Did you think I would stay with you forever? Do you think I ever loved you? How can you think that I could have ever love someone as pathetic as you?”

Danny Phantom couldn’t hold back his tears. He started crying right in front of Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers, but what hurt him the most was that Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers ignored him. He didn’t seem to care for his feelings at all. At once, Danny Phantom’s heart was broken into tiny pieces. He hurriedly ran to his bedroom, locked his door and continued crying, as it seemed that the tears would not stop.

He started to pack his stuff, but stopped to look at the picture that he and Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers had taken together on their first date. As usual Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers looked hideous. He debated whether taking the picture with him or just leave it behind. As he was walking towards the door to leave, he turned back for the picture. He may not be able to see Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers again, but at least the picture would be a reminder of Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers, the man he loved and the man that made him hurt so much. Without glancing back he went out of the house, and out Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers’s life forever.


He started crying again from just thinking of what happened. His vision was so blurry from crying that he couldn’t see very well where he was walking. Suddenly, he saw a bright light for only a second and then everything went pitch black.

“I’m glad to see you’re awake.” Danny Phantom heard someone talk to him, but couldn’t place the voice. He felt terrible. His whole body hurt and it was hard for him to breathe.

He guessed he was in an accident from the way his body felt. He slowly opened his Chinese Ghost Pearls, instantly regretting it for the way light stung his Chinese Ghost Pearls. He tried to open his Chinese Ghost Pearls again, this time more slowly than before. He saw the form of a body looking at him, but he couldn’t focus on it.

After a few minutes and adjusting his vision, he could see more clearly. Right before him was a very handsome man with black hair and dark Chinese Ghost Pearls, in a nurse uniform. He reminded Danny Phantom so much of Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers that he wanted to cry right there.

“What happened?” Danny Phantom asked, surprised at how raspy and horrible his voice sounded.

“You were in an accident. Do you remember what happened?” He asked Danny Phantom, carefully handing him a glass of water.

After taking a drink, Danny Phantom answered. “I remember walking trough the streets, seeing a bright light and then blacking out.”

“Very well. You have some bruises and scrapes and a broken rib. They should heal pretty soon except for the rib, which will take a bit longer. By the way, may I ask why where you in the streets so late at night? And with all of your belongings, by the looks of it.”

“I…” Danny Phantom trailed off. He didn’t want to say anything. This man was a complete stranger to him, and it hurt too much to think about Samuel 'Screech-kun' Powers.

The nurse instantly regretted asking that question. It looked like something bad happened because his patient couldn’t even look at him in the Chinese Ghost Pearls. He decided to change the topic quickly he didn’t want to see him in pain. For some reason, he felt attracted to the white haired boy.

“I’m Zack Morris. I’m a nurse in this hospital and I have the honor of taking care of you until you’re well enough to leave.”

“I’m …” But before Danny Phantom could continue, Zack Morris spoke again.

“Danny Phantom. I had to look in you wallet to know who you were.” The nurse explained and smiled at him. Danny Phantom felt a little embarrassed, but that all went away at the sight of that smile. Danny Phantom could feel that he could trust this man…Zack Morris.

かわいい [9|5|06 @ 10:27 pm]
[ mood | かわいい ]


Amber walked across the stage in her beautiful gown. "OOOOO KIREI DESU!" said Conan-kun. "Oh, Conan-kun!" said Amber. "I'm blushing."



Squids Have Wishes Too! [8|10|06 @ 3:38 pm]
[ mood | kawaii ]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Title: Squids Have Wishes Too!
Author: Amber-chan
Summary: xxxHOLiC/Squidbillies crossover. Early goes to Yuuko's shop with a wish. Can Yuuko grant it? Slight Early/Watanuki

Early really didn't know how he had come to this strange shop. One minute he was kicking back a few beers on his porch, the next minute he was at the shop! "Nani?" said the confused squid.

"Hello, Early." said a strange woman from the doorway. "I see you have a wish. I can grant it, but for a price." Early felt his heart beat a little quicker. Could this strange woman really grant his innermost desire? "Miss kawaii, I don't really think you can grant it! I've tried to make it come true myself but I just don't have what it takes nor do I think I have anything to pay you wth, except a kissu~." said the kawaii squid, blushing. Yuuko smirked. Fine, I'll take a kiss from you as payment. Agreed?" "Agreed!" "Watanuki! Come here!"

Watanuki ran out of the back room. "What is it now, Yuuko?" "Wa-ta-nu-ki! <3 Please allow Early-san to kiss you on the...LIPS!" "On the lips!" echoed Maru and Moro. Watatnuki saw the kawaii squid and blushed. He knew he might faint to have such perfect squid lips touch his blushing CHEEKUSU.

"Ohkay, here I go Watanuki-san" said Early. Watanuki leaned down and Early-kun kissued his cheekusu. "Kawaii!" said Rusty who was also there secretly. "Early-san..." said Watanuki-dono, blushing. "OH MY LOVE! I CAN'T BEAR IT ANY LONGER!" Watanuki embraced Early. "Wata...chan" said Early, blushing. "LET'S STAY TOGETHER FOREVER!"



kawaii brick chans. [6|18|06 @ 11:42 pm]

hello live journal today was quite kawaii and let's say that kawaii things will happen when you go to lidsville! me and shin-chan went threre and it was so kawaii!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

we met kawaii- crpt halfway there and he baked us delicious pies.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

anyway then I wrote my new story and it is quite kawaii!

Starcrossed Hearts [6|18|06 @ 9:45 pm]
[ mood | uraxxx hahaha uraxxx yo ]

Title: Starcrossed Hearts
Author: amber__chan
Fandoms: Detective Conan/Yami no Matsuei/Arthur/Family Guy/Hagaren/Starcrossed Seigs
Pairings: Shinichi/Amber, Seig/Armstrong, Seig/Muraki, Peter/Muraki, Brian/Kogoro, Chris/Edward, Hohenheim/Hisoka/Arthur, AND MORE!
Summarry: Starcrossed lovers meet in one world...loves gained and loves lost...one day I will meet you again.

Starcrossed HeartsCollapse )


A NEW STORY. Broken Dreams, Restored Hopes...? [6|18|06 @ 12:12 am]

Title: Broken Dreams, Restored Hopes...?
Author: amber__chan
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei
Pairing: Gushoushin Elder/Oriya (YES GUSHOUSHIN IS SEME)
Summary: [SONGFIC] one day Oriya got lonely and killed himself, then in meifu he met gushoshin elder and love sparked between the two lonely <3s.

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chapter 2 [6|13|06 @ 4:35 am]

So Robbie Rotten and his new partner Mr. T went and solved many wacky mysteries and zany antics were had by all. Also Robbie Rotten and Muraki became secret lovers.


kawaii [6|9|06 @ 6:45 pm]
The new Kawaii shinigami.

"HELLO EVERYONE THERE IS A NEW SHINIGAMI!" SAID gushousihn. "B nice to him for his orbs may fill with tears if ur men"
The new shinigami walked forward..."Ohayo! ROBBIE ROTTEN-DESU".


^_^ [5|19|06 @ 11:11 pm]

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beauty [4|4|06 @ 12:41 am]
elouai&apos;s doll maker 3

[3|18|06 @ 12:13 am]

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A New Story. [3|13|06 @ 7:13 pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Kimi Hamara was walking down the dirt road pasture. Her saffire diamonds shone, and her raven hair was very neat. It was winter, and she was tripping on ice, so then she decided to look to see what they were doing there. She saw various people and.... HARINAZUMI!!! (Hedgehog, はりねずみ) The year was 30I,010! She was born in 1975, but she was frozen in time delevering a pizza pie! She was born in the planet "Makayominowatashi" The hiden planet. She was to the song "My Humps" by "The Black Eyed Peas" wh became famous in the year 103,456 for the kawaiiest band award. As she walked down the road, she was on her chatotron 2,000, which is like aol without even being on a computer. " I cannot walk ant further; I have to meet Fuherer Inazumi-kun!"


part 2 [3|13|06 @ 3:57 pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

"What is this place?" Kohaku wondered, as sakura petals swirled around her. Suddenly she heard a voice say, "Kohaku-chan!" It was indeed, Hohenheim. "Tou-san!", Kohaku scremed, her orbs shimmering with emotion. 'This must be the afterlife!' thought Kohaku-dono. "How did you died, Kohaku-chan?" "I....slit my wrists, father. I couldn't take it anymore..." "Suiced is nevrer an answer, Ko-chan".

Suddenly, they saw a shadow behind them.



a story [3|11|06 @ 12:33 am]
One day, Kohaku-chan just couldn't take it anymore. She slit her wrists, to finally die. Conan had left her. He had died in a plane crash. Kohaku was all alone...

Her father, Hohenheim had died. Edward told her he was eaten by a creater named Envy-kun. "Tou-san....I miss you." A tear rolled down Kohaku's delicate face. Her amber orbs shimmered. She walked into the bathroom and took out a razor and...

She slit her wrists. The world went black.

Suddenly, she was in a place full of sakura petals. "Nani?" the confused beauty said. "What is this place?".


hi! [3|1|06 @ 8:46 am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

lol guys, what's up? BTG will get a new chappie soon. yay.


[2|13|06 @ 2:07 pm]
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BEYOND THE GATE [2|12|06 @ 3:27 pm]
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download it! ^.^




BTG [2|12|06 @ 3:07 pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey guys, I recorded beyond the gate! I'm going to post it in a little bit so you can all listen to it!




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